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Geneviene Joyner Designs Covers You Head To Well... Head!

Next we feature the amazingly talented Geneviene Joyner of Geneviene Joyner Designs. We met at Dragon Con where her booth stood as a testament of her artistry. She creates accessories that are TRULY one of a kind, just like you! Her pieces are beautiful and will make you stop in your tracks if you are ever lucky enough to spot one in person. Immediately your eye knows her pieces are the result of Geneviene's passion and detail oriented hard work. Can't you just imagine these pieces walking down a wedding aisle? Or they could even be the crowning piece to your amazing cosplay. Whatever the occasion, Geneviene Joyner Designs can get people talking about you!

For more designs check out or check out her Etsy site. You can even follow her on Pinterest. Oh, fabulous update! Who loves a sale? We do, and if you do too we got you covered. Check out this fabulous Hobbit set of candles that is now on sale. If your interested, message her on Facebook with your email.