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10 Pictures Capturing Cons of 2014

Happy New Years Eve everyone! Here's a glimpse back at NYCC, Wizards World Philly, Wondercon, SDCC and Monstermania. So hard to choose only 10!

The wonder in her eyes is real as she gets in character for NYCC.
NYCC spiced up their cosplay for everyone to enjoy.
Wizards World Philly had games that all could play while meeting new friends.

Special Edition NYCC is where cosplay meets cabs.

Wondercon fuzzy...

And even more fuzzy!

Everyone enjoys cosplay at Wizards World Philly... or else.

Cosplay never looked as good as at Wondercon.

The Hannibal stars joined MonsterMania to delight fans.

SDCC ruled them all as always, leaving us all exhausted and dying for 2015!

Finally Graduating and Doing It Doctor Who Style

It is almost here! Next Saturday I graduate with my Bachelors and I have perma-smile already. If you haven't noticed yet, I have to stamp a little of myself on most things I do. You didn't think I'd skip decorating my graduation cap, did you? So here it is! Doctor Who to match my upcoming party. Allons-y in honor of Tennants reign, which translates to Let's Go (very fitting for the event too)

Armed with bags of every color glitter ever and glue (both from the dollar store) I free-handed an exploding tardis style design. The Van Gogh episode is one of my favorites. I have lots of feels with that episode. Anywho (get it) I used a blue glitter ribbon for the Tardis to help it stand out. I hope this helps inspire other fans ;)

Our Top Ten Gifts For San Diego Comic Con 2015 Badge Holders

Here is our top 10 items any SDCC badge holder will appreciate under the Christmas tree.1. SDCC Survival guide. It's very helpful and necessary for anyone attending Or if they are old school SDCC experts or newbies, the ConQuest Journal is pretty fresh This protects and organizes your new "preciouses"2. An inflatable mat or sleeping bag, for those hardcore line sleepers. Maybe they won't buy a nice inflatable mat for themselves, but you don't want them sleeping on the hard ground now do you? Or find a vintage sleeping bag like TMNT which would be awesome and cheap at a Goldwill type store. Or go all out at any sporting goods store.3. Socks- Either athletic style or Superhero socks with capes. They pretty much make a sock for any fandom. Plus if they want they can tuck these in their suitcase for next year. Less prep!4. A little SDCC emergency kit- body wipes for when a shower is few hours away, shout wipes…

RunDisney Avengers Inaugural Run

We decided our first half marathon should be RunDisneys first ever Avengers run. The spots sold quickly, which  admittedly added to our concerns about our own abilities to complete the run. Maybe we should have thought about that first, but we are positive people. Jump first, fall later. 

The time seemed to fly. Personally, I attempted to train for weeks at a time. Each time, I went through terrible asthma and several other health issues. It seemed grim, but I knew I'd do my best. Next thing I know, were on a flight headed to Cali.
The first event for us was the opening of the health expo. Before we even lined up, we registered for online spots for the RunDisney New Balance sneakers. Once again this was our first race, so we had no clue what to expect. Thankfully, we got there early because the place was packed. People really wanted merch and we were advised to get in that line first. 

The "Sorry boys gotta run!" Shirt was super popular, although word on the street that mos…

Thanksgiving Is Coming! Watch out for the Super Sprowtz

Sometimes your at a convention and you realize you wanna chill somewhere and check out something new. Flashback to NYCC, when we rolled the dice and took our seat at the Super Sprowtz panel (for kids). Our gamble payed off in endless smiles and laughter as Roger, the star of the YouTube show, tailored his presentation for the all adult crowd. His unique mix of silly freestyle rapping and ability to engage the crowd was literally moving (since we actually did squeeze in a little exercise).

On Sunday we brought Con Sweet Con's token child to join in the fun. It surely was a hit. Don't take it from me though, check out the pics. Smiles on all the faces. This is why you should check out their site,, It features recipes, videos and interactive features you and the kids can enjoy right now.

Also don't forget you can subscribe to their YouTube channel especially if you have wee ones.

Seen at NYCC - Sunday 12th


As Seen At NYCC Friday Oct 10