Handmade Stuffs Shows Off Their Stuff

We haven’t stopped showing you amazing things you’re going to want to add to your con must have lists. Full speed ahead with the next up on our list, Handmade Stuffs. If you’re a fan of stuffed animals (fabulously soft and non-judgy friends as they should be called) or maybe you just know someone who is, then handmadestuffs.com is a site you’re going to want to hit up.

$40 at Etsy with $10 Shipping

$40 at Etsy with $10 Shipping

Handmade Stuffs features the most fabulous friends you have ever seen. Such as Harry Potter, Snape, Voldemort, Doctor Who (4th, 10 and 11th Doctors), Princess Bubblegum, Fionna, Finn, Marceline, Rorschach along with many others. Not only do they feature these characters, they make them extra cuddly! Currently orders are not open, however Handmade Stuffs sews to stock up for both Heroes Con and Dragon Con. Plus they do open up custom orders online too! So you should follow them on Facebook and Twitter @HandmadeStuffs to keep up to date. Also check out what’s available now on Etsy, especially zombie lovers, fans of monsters of all sorts, Finn & Fionna fans, GI Joe fans and more!


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