Move Over Game Of Thrones We Actually Have Dragons: Sleeping Dragon South

Daenerys Targaryen we aren't impressed. After all, we met the real mother of dragons at Dragon Con. Her name is Kathryn Dickerson and she is the creator behind Sleeping Dragons South. Ok, I can feel your wrath already but you have to see these dragons. Their tiny hands grasp your fingers just like the best friend you never had. Or sometimes they grab hot sauce and tiny rabbits as small snacks. Best part of these dragons, you can actually own one. Each handmade and one of kind. They have little attitudes and wardrobes to match anything your wild heart desires. Enough talk, take a look for yourself!

Dragon poop is sooo cute!

Cutest Things EVER!

Check out or their Etsy home: There you can even reach out to Katheryn about bringing to life a custom dragon friend made just for you! Also these pieces are made carefully and with great care. In our opinion they are pieces made to adore for a LONG time.

Hey you can even order 3 and pretend to be Daenerys while watching Game of Thrones. That sounds like living the dream to us.


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