What Happens If We Don't Get SDCC Tickets

Thank you Big Bang Theory. It is true. For us mere mortals, we may NOT get San Diego Comic Con tickets. We deal with these pains every year. Why? Because for the many dedicated to the fight, it's a unique event where each of us finds something THAT important. So what do we tell ourselves to get through the many rough nights that we lay wondering what we will do if this is the year we don't score tickets? Here is our list:

The many outside events that are exclusive to SDCC. You know them. You have walked by them many times wondering to yourself if it was worth the wait. But those years you had SDCC tickets, so of course you kept trekking. Honestly, many of these events did not seem to require a SDCC ticket last year. Obviously that could change, and there could also be no off sites. There are no guarantees with SDCC but it's an awesome marketing opportunity and I don't see much changing.

Check out what is planned so far this year at San Diego Comic-Con Unofficial Blog and also at Outside Comic Con. It's still really early, but there are a few notable highlights:
    - Were you stuck in the hallowed walls of hall H for so many years you have never seen the Zombie Walk? Well shame on you! Get your groan on with a bunch of people hungry friends this year! Or just come take some epic pics. Check out their site for info on this years event and like them on Facebook to stay up to date
From Zombie Walk- San Diego Facebook
  • The Walking Dead Escape: What, What? It's back baby! Every year, bigger and badder. That means bad things for your aches and pains. It's a nonstop adrenaline rush. Don't believe the hype when they say you can stop for water, they mean like ten minutes in. That means you should start training now. Oh wait, they didn't tell you they were taking your picture too... oh yeah that happened. As a result, they obtained uber embarrassing must have pics of me doing a horrible job of saving my own life. Guess I need to start carrying my machete every where. Or maybe you can switch it up this year and transform into a walker. I think that has to be on bucket lists. So good news people, no worrying if you have time or money. This is now a priority at SDCC this year! 
Pic from The Walking Dead Escape. That's not me, I was much less composed.
  • Busting makes you feel good. Doesn't it make us all feel good? This year there will be a traveling art show featuring our boys in brown, The Ghostbusters for their 30th anniversary. Outside Comic Con presents the link with more info here.
  • Nerd HQ: Ok, time to be honest again... I didn't visit this place last year either. I have never been to Nerd HQ. I have tried each year to get tickets to events, just to fail worse than at getting SDCC tickets. No lie, utterly shut out. I also got to sleep out on the grass at Hall H while I heard music blaring from a party that would not stop. Fists shook angrily in the general direction and something like "the real nerds would like to sleep" may have been said. However, it's 2014! In this case, I am not on the Hall H lawn. So let the party commence and never stop! I also did receive a few tweets that there were additional fan opportunities at Nerd HQ, but once again you have SDCC tickets. You aren't just going to head off in the other direction. So now this is your year to grasp these new opportunities and keep others awake all night ;)
*If you haven't been to SDCC before or just never paid attention check out the archives from 2013 and 2012 events at Outside Comic Con. This will provide a sneak peek into the type of promotional events that will occur.

SWAG: Is swag your thing? Once again there were a ton of promotional events outside of SDCC last year. Many offering swag along with the experience. Many things we were just handed on the streets. Yes, you will miss out on some thing, however I think the floor has lacked a lot of swag for the last two years. You may be better off staying outside and just trading people that have SDCC tickets for things they didn't have time to get. Honestly, as a 4 day SDCC ticket holder I didn't have time to wait for the Disney Infinity line or many of the other promos. The year before Grimm was literally outside of our hotel and we never went in. I may have traded something I scored inside. You know SDCC. You know the people are nice. We come to have fun, so get your swag on outside. 

COMICS: But what about the comics? Maybe you love scoring comics at SDCC. I am sure someone with a ticket would assist as long as it's not a run through the door two hour line exclusive. Yes, you could order from ebay at home. You could also still come and hang out in Gaslamp with the coolest group of people you know. Enjoy the cosplay and intelligent comic related conversation. Plus you know the artists, writers and the who's who are all still in San Diego. You may have to be more social to make stuff happen this year. Sounds like a geeky adventure and the great start to a movie.

Start A Meetup: Ok now we are getting a little cray cray, but it's SDCC. Time to let your freak flag fly, and let others join you! So why not try to start a meetup for something you love that you feel like the SDCC crowd could related to. We all know our little hometowns may not understand us, but SDCC does.

Chill by the Hard Rock: We have said it before and we will say it again, you could stand outside where you see a bunch of photogs on the side of the Hard Rock and see a ton of famous people. Do you kid. If you want to get your star sightings on, SDCC will provide. I am pretty sure we have seen more celebrities outside of SDCC then inside. Sorry Hall H doesn't count.

For more ideas on how to enjoy time in San Diego without tickets to SDCC, check out our post Enjoying Your San Diego Trip Without A Four Day Pass and Part Two here and The Zoo Beyond SDCC

We could go on forever, since we know this would feel like the worst thing that has ever happen to anyone ever, but we are here to say we are ready to see the golden lining. We do wish everyone could get in, but that won't happen. So the best of luck to you! Also make sure to add any additional things to do outside of SDCC in the comments below. 


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