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Our Wizard World Philly 2014 Pics Including Cosplay


A No-Holds-Barred List Of Things This Chick Does For The Love Of SDCC

Ok, since I am putting it all all out there I actually do these things for most vacations that I have invested a large amount of money and excitement into. They are not necessary for everyone, as you will read. However, they are the tiny things that make me ever so confident that I am going to get the most out of my vaca pics, which keep me going the rest of the year.
#1: Botox... I might as well start with the big one. It only costs me $100 at my dermatologist. I realized I wanted this when I inspected pictures of myself and found wrinkles I didn't like. Good thing for me, botox is awesome. I tried it first weeks before. That way if there was any bruising I wouldn't ruin pics instead of loving them. No bruising here, and I actually do this year round. Forget wrinkle cream. Also, I don't by any means feel like I NEED this. I just want it. I look more refreshed.
#2: Teeth whitening: I use the Crest 3D White Strips Professional Effects. These puppies hurt my teeth afterward. S…

Places In Philly To Check Out During Wizard World

Ok, so you wanna a closer adventure! No car, no prob. Use  UBER who is offering $20 discount to new users for Wizard World (Code: WIZARDPHL) and check out these places:
Village WhiskeyWe have Chef Garcia of Iron Chef fame. With more than 80 whiskeys and amazing food, this may be one spot you put on your To-Do list. Check out their All Day Menu here. You'll find duck fat fries and wickedly delicous burgers. This won't be a quick visit though, as many people love this place. Check out Yelp for yourself.
Ok so check out how much this would cost you in UBER, but:Memphis TaproomThis place was awesome. It's been featured on the food network. The Smoked Coconut club with grilled garlic tofu and tomato herb mayo was beyond. Don't believe me, askYelpEl VezThey describe themselves as Mex-American meets East L.A. in a Tijuana Taxi... so yeah we love it here. If you can't get a reservation (Sat is booked *you could call and ask though*, Sun is open though) and you don't wa…

So You're In Philly For Wizard World and You Wanna Explore!

Check Out these two spots, which are super close to each other and not too far from Philly. You will need a car though.
SkyZone (As Seen on Psych)
Located outside of Philly. This Trampoline park would be an awesome place to visit, if you don't have a location near you! Just book a spot ahead of time for a guaranteed space. Everyone knows how cool this place is ;)

King Of Prussia Mall
Check out our newest additions: Shake Shack, Crumbs Bakery, and Uniqlo. We also just opened Chipotle and Jamba Juice. Sooo buy awesome clothes at Uniqlo and try to figure out where to eat! 
We also have THE BEST Comic Book Store ever! Comics and More. 3rd floor in the Court. It's hidden because it's huge and super cool. Bring quarters, because they have a few video games to play. They have merch, book, novels, games, and knowledgeable friendly staff. Yes, your attending a Con which is awesome, but if your at our mall... stop by and support our local comic book store.

Oh yeah, Valley Forge Park …

Don't Forget This Line Camping Essential

Sorry if I'm high maintence, I realize my needs may appear unnecessary pre-Sdcc. However, I've been sleeping in that line and I'm pleasantly pleased with the effect that my first featured item worked.
Inflatable sleeping pad: Why? They are made for backpacking = light (if your stuck sitting with it in Hall H) & small (so more room in that extra suitcase)
For this, I'll trust REI. Once again, Id rather know I'm getting something useful than saving a buck and touching concrete by the morning. 

This pad states for the small version it weighs only 1lb. Yes, it is $60 but if your taking turns sleeping out split the cost. If not, then you'll prob want a solid sleep since it will be multiple days.
For me, forget the sleeping bag. I'm taking the hotel blankets. It's the least they can do since I'm paying and not sleeping there.Hey, you could also just go to the $1 store and buy some inflatable mats for the pool. If one busts, pull out another. Bonus: you ca…

Another Look For Men For Nightly SDCC Activities

Check out our next featured look, The Cardigan. This cardigan from H&M appears to be pretty light and easy to layer. This would work well if you want to swing for the fences and add a bow tie or tie. Check it out here. Choose this heather grey cardigan to throw over any tee. Check it out here. Now this man is pulling it all together...
Anyway, focus. If you are interested in some amazing ties check out which features ties sure to catch the eyes of anyone in the SDCC crowds.

Then how could we forget Bow Ties, they are cool after all. Check out The Tie Bar

As you can see from above, you can make this look casual with nerdy tees or a button up tee for that next level look. No matter what make sure you feel like you look amazing, because there are going to be plenty of single people who are interested in the same things all in the same spot. So don't forget a few party/bar looks, for after the show ends.