A No-Holds-Barred List Of Things This Chick Does For The Love Of SDCC

Ok, since I am putting it all all out there I actually do these things for most vacations that I have invested a large amount of money and excitement into. They are not necessary for everyone, as you will read. However, they are the tiny things that make me ever so confident that I am going to get the most out of my vaca pics, which keep me going the rest of the year.

I'm the second from the right. I just soaked my bestie with the shield on the canoe. Epic!

#1: Botox... I might as well start with the big one. It only costs me $100 at my dermatologist. I realized I wanted this when I inspected pictures of myself and found wrinkles I didn't like. Good thing for me, botox is awesome. I tried it first weeks before. That way if there was any bruising I wouldn't ruin pics instead of loving them. No bruising here, and I actually do this year round. Forget wrinkle cream. Also, I don't by any means feel like I NEED this. I just want it. I look more refreshed.

#2: Teeth whitening: I use the Crest 3D White Strips Professional Effects. These puppies hurt my teeth afterward. So you may want to do this the week before. It's like an achy pain... I know. Once again, your prob thinking dang now this chick is in pain for this. Hey, I'm gonna sparkle.

#3: Gel Nail Polish: I have to start this process at least two months before if I need to grow my finger nails. Yet, this is great if you just want no-nonsense nails that last during SDCC without touching them up. I swear by gel nail manicures. Just make sure they don't us a drill to resurface your nails. It's not necessary and the point is to have better nails, not beat nails.

#4: Hair Appointment: I make sure to have a hair appointment right before we leave. The last thing you want is to have some dull hair in an otherwise glorious pic.

#5: Wax those brows: This makes a huge difference in my pictures for sure. It shapes my face. I do have amazingly bushy brows if I do say so myself.

Let me clarify why I do this. I do all of this because when I was a tiny dork child I dreaded school pics. This was the only time that I actually got my picture taken. I tried every year to look fab and love how I looked. No matter what I did, I hated my pictures.

So eventually I came to a point where I realized I found a picture of myself I loved. I have never felt so glad for myself. It delights me! Forget everyone else, I love that I finally achieved this for me. So maybe you aren't the scarred little child like me, but it's ok to do stuff for yourself. No one else is going to :)


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