Top 6 Artists and Vendors We Wish Were At SDCC

In no particular order (we just numbered them so you know we aren't lying about how many we have), here are our top 6 Artists and Vendors you won't find at SDCC:

#1: GeekyU

We fell in love with GeekyU at Wondercon. Their products are very well made per my Grandma and just try to argue with that. Plus, they had us at R2-HK 

Find them at

#2 SugarFueled

Almost at stalker status, we can not stop loving the cuteness of Sugarfueled.

See what Michael Banks has in store for you online at where you can shop anytime you would like, and don't be left out of the fun. 

You can also stay up to date with Sugar Fueled via:

Twitter: @sugarfueled

Facebook: sugarfueledart

Instagram: sugarfueled

#3 Geek Boy Press

Our local favorite, Geek Boy Press has a heart a full of fandom and it shows in his work.

Check out and friend Louie on Facebook to stay up to date.

#4 Andy Brase

It is obvious that Andy Brase possesses an exorbitant amount of talent. His art sparks our imagination by encompassing us in his world which is full of detail. It is as if you could step right in to the to the images.

#5 Drew Blank - Hero Squares

We wish we could just wallpaper our rooms in the artwork of Drew Blank. Hero squares is exactly what we need to wake up to every Monday morning! 

Check out Hero Squares at and Drew at and add to your collection today.

#6 Super Sox Shop

Handmade and cute beyond anything you will find mass produced, Super Sox Shop melts our hearts.

Find them at for Super Sox Shop has unique quality products made with care. They can also handle custom orders.


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