Arrow and WB didn't hold back at SDCC 14

After several years of attending San Diego Comic Con, our expectations have been raised. This year Arrow and Warner Bros met and then exceeded anything we may have thought we were going to see. 

I have to admit that I did not attend the original Arrow panel. I had my mind set on attending their Saturday night party. Plus I was dead-set that I was meeting the cast. That was one of my two SDCC priorities (the other was experience an Oculus Rift). With this in mind, we camped out from 8:30 pm till the general admission line let us scurry to the WB autograph line.

We were all in line and ready to pick winners. However, the sad truth of this WB Autograph line is: luck rules. I slept out the previous night and pulled a loser. I was literally the only person in our group that pulled nothing. Hey fair is fair. Moral of the story, it may break your heart. Thankfully I was a winner for Arrow, because a loud "Cooooon!" would have rang though the Sails Pavillion. 

This picture honestly shows how the cast was for our Autograph experience

Anxious and excited for the rest of the day, truthfully nothing else mattered till I lined up for our Autograph signing. While at the booth, you cannot take pictures after they remove your wristband. So please excuse some of these blurry pics.

Awaiting us was all of our favorites except Felicity and Laurel. Diggle is my favorite and I couldn't wait to chat them up about their roles and just get my fan-girl on. No lie, the entire cast was up for it too. I even got a "Oh No... Roy" live in person from Thea (Willa Holland). No spoilers, but if you've seen it this is related to the "earthquake press conference". Need I say more? 

Diggle (David Ramsey) was all smiles. Arrow (Stephen Amell) was funny and nice. I told him we had a date. He was flustered for a second and told me he didn't know about that. Then I told him it was at 8 pm. He realized I was talking about the WB night of DC entertainment and he played along. Bless his heart!

Roy (Colton Hayes) was lined up after Stephen, sooo sorry kid because at this point I was overwhelmed by this experience. He was sweet though. Then I gained my bearings and I got to tell Detective Lance (Paul Blackthorne) that he is looking way less bruised than I would have expected from all the trouble he gets himself into. Then of course Malcolm (John Barrowman) who I love from other shows was there. He was super funny, complementing my friend on her hair (P.S. He said his hair isn't as easy to maintain as it looks).

Then I shuffled away glowing and ready for the WB event. So if you ever wonder what I do with some of my own SDCC time. This year Arrow was my priority. Just between myself and the rest of the internet, I find relief in a few of the shows I watch. Arrow is one that makes me smile and giggle. Thank you Arrow. From the bottom of my heart.

Anyway... that night the WB held a party (or my date) with Stephen Amell hosting. They featured The Flash & Gotham premieres. They previewed Constantine and even had a complete panel with the Arrow cast.

Awaiting our arrival was also WB totes with water, popcorn, a comic and a T-Shirt. Love love love the swag! So thank you WB and the cast of Arrow for making 2014 epic!


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