Monster-Mania 28 Hannibal Q & A with Mads Mikkelsen and Katharine Isabelle - Part 1

Fannibals, I would advise you to take any opportunity you have to meet Mads Mikkelsen in person. Planes, trains and automobiles or even hoof it there. I promise you will be delighted by his calm and sweet demeanor. 

At Monster-Mania 28, Mads was so gracious and open with each and every fan. I brought my younger cousins who couldn't even speak after stepping up to meet Hannibal. He quickly realized the girls were beyond nervous and he brought them in and was very gentle with them. 

Let me get to the Q&A session. (Quick Note: Monster-Mania Con really does Q&A correctly. Letting fans interact with their favorite actors and allotting a generous amount of time for the crowd to participate) Immediately, it was clear Mads enjoys his role in Hannibal and was eager to feed his Fannibals all the answers they craved. Please enjoy the first part of what is our closest transcription of the Mads & Katharine Q&A. 

Q to Mads: Are your eyes watering in the kitchen in the Series 2 Series finale or are you crying?
A: If you pay attention, I am slicing some onions. No seriously, Will Graham is the dearest thing I have.  (Then Katharine Isabelle brings beers to Mads, applause and laughter follows. She sits down to join the Q&A) Will Graham is the thing in life that Hannibal loves the most, and didn't go down the path I wanted him to go down. So he has to face that right there and it breaks his heart and Hannibal is actually really sad.

Q to Mads: Did you ever speak to Anthony Hopkins before the show started?
A: You know what, actually I did. Strange circulmcstances, I was about to do a film that he was about to do. We were on Skype and I couldn't get it right so we couldn't hear each other and they never made the film. But we were not aware that I was about to play Hannibal at that time so he didn't kill me. Hopefully I will meet him one day and as any actor would know it is hard to follow in someone else's footsteps. He would probably embrace what I am doing and shake my hand. 

Q to Mads: In the spirit of dinners, what would your ideal dinner be?
A: I'll probably be really goofy right now but I'll say something with my children and my wife. But on the other hand, Pamela Anderson, sushi and no clothes.

Q to Mads: Can you talk a little about the wardrobe and do you get to keep those fabulous ties?
A: The wardrobe I am going to keep is when he ends up in jail. They promised me that. I actually got one of the suits, it's the reddish brownish one. Brian Fuller was the creative writer and producer of the show. He is picking out the suits and the materials and he has exact copy of all of my suits. He's slightly taller than me so they had to make copies. And the ties not so much, they are beautiful for the show but not necessarily for me.

Q to Mads: What caused you to go down this path? (Referring to Hannibal's story)
A: The money. Once we decided to do the show, Brian decided that a long time ago. It was hard for all of us. Because honestly as we talked about, Anthony Hopkins and Brian Cox played it to perfection. So we had to go down a different path. Once pitched to me that this was taking place before I am captured we could get away with something else. A few episodes in, we were trying to decide what type of psychopath Hannibal is. I'm not a shrink myself, but what i know about human beings and is he doesn't fit the bill at all. He sees beauty where everyone else sees horror. He doesn't have a back story that tells us: for this reason, I am like this. That's why I am doing this. He's the fallen angel. He sees beauty where the rest of us see horror and there is a certain beauty in there for him. For that reason I could get away with it. If I tried to understand him, I could get lost. 

Q to Katharine Isabelle: I was wondering what it was like working on the finale of the last season. (to the lady)
A: Everything was wonderful until they water boarded me in a glacier river in Montreal in November. They were like in this season your floating here, so let's put scuba diving weights on your ankles and your waist and let's trust some French-Canadian to pull you out while he's texting his girlfriend. (Mads says "She was cute though") I totally fangirled over Mads the first time I met him and became obsessed with a movie called "The Green Butcher" Svend Sweat - so I had to binge  watch the entire first season over the weekend. I had a psychotic episode where I hallucinated a valiciated body in the window of the lobby and thought maybe I should stop watching Hannibal now and then showed up and was like don't say anything. totally be cool. The second I was alone with him, I was like I just wanted to tell you that Svend Sweat was… and I was telling myself in my head "Shut the F up". 

Mads starts speaking about Svend Sweat: Believe it or not a few years ago I was Denmark's sexiest mans ever. I did this part of Svend Sweat  I didn't go down the list, I went out of the magazine and she loves that character of course.

A (Katharine Isabelle continued) My family has a genetic sweating problem that makes me really relate to Svend Sweat.

Q to both: Out of all the scenes you have shot, which one is your favorite.
A: Katharine Isabelle: for me anything with Mr. Mikkelson. 
A: Mads: And likewise I really like working with Katharine Isabelle. No really it's hard but I like the day I got to kick Laurence Fishburne's ass. I won't lie, he's a big man and he has done the series of the Matrix. He's a legend, but in the script it says I kick his ass. So I loved that day and he was fantastic to work with also and your brother Michael (to Katharine Isabelle). We go through a lot of different scenes here. Another day at the office, never, it is something you can never anticipate, but kicking Laurence Fishburne's ass up there.

Q: You were a dancer for several years? and do you ever miss it?
A: Question one, yes. Question two, no. I was a dancer for 9 years and a gymnast as a kid and then some people can out and asked us if we could do a musical and flip around in the background and we turned out to be doing a lot of dance as well. They asked me if I wanted to learn the craft, and I had a very bad graduation form high school, so I had no choice. So I said yes, and I became a dancer. When I did the math, at least I could do the math, I figured out there were not a lot of boys but a lot of girls. Then I got a couple of lines in a musical and I feel in love with the Drama instead and now here I am.


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