RunDisney Avengers Inaugural Run

We decided our first half marathon should be RunDisneys first ever Avengers run. The spots sold quickly, which  admittedly added to our concerns about our own abilities to complete the run. Maybe we should have thought about that first, but we are positive people. Jump first, fall later. 

The time seemed to fly. Personally, I attempted to train for weeks at a time. Each time, I went through terrible asthma and several other health issues. It seemed grim, but I knew I'd do my best. Next thing I know, were on a flight headed to Cali.

The first event for us was the opening of the health expo. Before we even lined up, we registered for online spots for the RunDisney New Balance sneakers. Once again this was our first race, so we had no clue what to expect. Thankfully, we got there early because the place was packed. People really wanted merch and we were advised to get in that line first. 

The "Sorry boys gotta run!" Shirt was super popular, although word on the street that most of all of the merch was gone before the end of the expo. They had headbands, water bottles, shirts, hoodies, pins, stickers and magnets. None of which included Mr Tony Stark himself. The entire weekend was Iron Manless. 

Next event for the weekend was the Pasta in the Park party. The Avengers theme was every where! Hulk lemonade, Avengers pastries, a level 2 S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent DJ, Avengers airbrushed tattoos, 
and a pretty middle of the road buffet. 

The highlights of the party include wielding the tasty and mighty Mjolnir pastries, getting to meet other participants, and posing for pics with the Avengers themselves. Yes they were at the Half, however I waited at least 20 minutes in the race for Hawkeye. So taking the time at the pasta party was worth it, even though the lines there were super long. In true Disney fashion, the characters actually talked to you like they were actually Avengers. Very classy Disney.

Then it was race day. We had to get up super early. I was up at 3, but truly only because I wanted to wear full makeup for my 13.1 miles of photo ops. Before the race, there were stands setup and professional photogs everywhere. We saw booths for medal engraving, massages and charities. We proceeded to our last corral... It was packed!

After what seemed like for ever, the announcers let our corral go! I may have been last but I was jogging and speed walking weaving through the crowds of walkers. Past the UP characters and right to Hawkeye. While I was waiting and exactly when it was my turn I saw the 16 minute pacers go by!!! Agh so scary. So after my pic, I picked up the pace. Still stopping for pics because that's what I came for.

Then it was off to the mean streets of Anahiem. This is when racing got real. The winds started to pick up and never stopped. The streets were lined with cheerleaders, bands, Marvel characters from Club Cosplay (, Soldiers, and people to cheer us on. There were water and poweraide stops all the way. Thank you dudes with the Red Vines, life changing. Oh and we even went through Angels stadium.

By the time we got back, everything was taken down! No booths were left. No lie. The winds were so bad, they couldn't risk everyone being there. They handed us little packs of goodies and a banana. We got our medals (I had to have them place that beauty around my neck). They also gave us those shiny plastic blanket that read RunDisney.

In the end, I made it! With the help of every sign, every high five and all the encouragement of our fellow walkers. I achieved something I didn't think I could do. That's a priceless feeling. 

Shout out to who were super sweet. They are on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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