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What Happens If We Don't Get SDCC Tickets

Thank you Big Bang Theory. It is true. For us mere mortals, we may NOT get San Diego Comic Con tickets. We deal with these pains every year. Why? Because for the many dedicated to the fight, it's a unique event where each of us finds something THAT important. So what do we tell ourselves to get through the many rough nights that we lay wondering what we will do if this is the year we don't score tickets? Here is our list:
The many outside events that are exclusive to SDCC. You know them. You have walked by them many times wondering to yourself if it was worth the wait. But those years you had SDCC tickets, so of course you kept trekking. Honestly, many of these events did not seem to require a SDCC ticket last year. Obviously that could change, and there could also be no off sites. There are no guarantees with SDCC but it's an awesome marketing opportunity and I don't see much changing.

Check out what is planned so far this year at San Diego Comic-Con Unofficial Blog and…