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Training for SDCC: Yes, you read that right.

First I must preface with an explanation as to where I have been since my last official post. Health-wise this has not been a year without it's challenges. Between my last post and today, I have experienced back pain so bad I couldn't walk. To boot, I have developed Asthma as a result of the seasons changing. Since both issues are new to me, I have to be honest to say I have had my doubts about how to both address and move forward.
Good news, my back issues are currently not an issue. Painfully, my asthma continues to rage on. It wakes me up at night, prevents me to fall asleep in the first place and I wake up fighting what feels like an unending cough. Nonetheless, SDCC speeds forward and I must be able to put in the miles. Last week I logged 26.8 miles.
Why? Why am I doing this to myself? One amazing reason, San Diego Comic Con. Our group has used tracking devices in previous years and noted an average of 20 miles a day during the con. Without preview night this is 4 days of…