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Don't Forget This Line Camping Essential

Sorry if I'm high maintence, I realize my needs may appear unnecessary pre-Sdcc. However, I've been sleeping in that line and I'm pleasantly pleased with the effect that my first featured item worked.
Inflatable sleeping pad: Why? They are made for backpacking = light (if your stuck sitting with it in Hall H) & small (so more room in that extra suitcase)
For this, I'll trust REI. Once again, Id rather know I'm getting something useful than saving a buck and touching concrete by the morning. 

This pad states for the small version it weighs only 1lb. Yes, it is $60 but if your taking turns sleeping out split the cost. If not, then you'll prob want a solid sleep since it will be multiple days.
For me, forget the sleeping bag. I'm taking the hotel blankets. It's the least they can do since I'm paying and not sleeping there.Hey, you could also just go to the $1 store and buy some inflatable mats for the pool. If one busts, pull out another. Bonus: you ca…