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So You're In Philly For Wizard World and You Wanna Explore!

Check Out these two spots, which are super close to each other and not too far from Philly. You will need a car though.
SkyZone (As Seen on Psych)
Located outside of Philly. This Trampoline park would be an awesome place to visit, if you don't have a location near you! Just book a spot ahead of time for a guaranteed space. Everyone knows how cool this place is ;)

King Of Prussia Mall
Check out our newest additions: Shake Shack, Crumbs Bakery, and Uniqlo. We also just opened Chipotle and Jamba Juice. Sooo buy awesome clothes at Uniqlo and try to figure out where to eat! 
We also have THE BEST Comic Book Store ever! Comics and More. 3rd floor in the Court. It's hidden because it's huge and super cool. Bring quarters, because they have a few video games to play. They have merch, book, novels, games, and knowledgeable friendly staff. Yes, your attending a Con which is awesome, but if your at our mall... stop by and support our local comic book store.

Oh yeah, Valley Forge Park …