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Check out Squid Kids Ink Booth #5150 At SDCC - Update

We checked back in with Nate Mitchell of Squid Kids Ink and found out how his newest line is currently a Kickstarter project, so you can join in on the So Analog fun now. Also they will be on display at Booth #5150 for you to get a sneak peek!
 As a result of interest from Sega at last years SDCC and a TON of hard work to follow, Nate would like to present Mega-Bit. Show your support at Kickstarter What do you typically offer at your booth at SDCC? I try to have a wide range of items at high and low prices. It's mostly gonna be So Analog 10-Doh! figures, Mini 10-Doh! Blind Boxes, Squib plush, artwork, and some T-shirts.

*Note we may have some info on SDCC exclusives soon ;) Where do you find inspiration for your work? I still get inspiration from the comics, video games, movies, and toys that I grew up with. Mostly stuff from the 80's and 90's. What is your favorite work you have done? The Storm Hawks and How to Train Your Dragon toys are my favorite toy lines that I did while wo…