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Mike Hampton Rocks Back Into SDCC at Booth SP-M8 & M9

Update with Mike Hampton for Sdcc 2014 Per the man himself: We're gonna have lots of original art for sale. Lots of sketch covers and what not, come thru booth SP-M8 & M9 for Batman, Green Arrow, Avengers, The Walking Dead, TNMT, Breaking Bad, Spiderman and much more!

Also, it's been a while since Mike has had a new Aschan at a Comic Con,  but he's brining these new Bearded Savior mini-comics. He's a magical man with a magic beard. He knows when's something wrong, can fly, and he will save you. Check out our interview with Mike below: Personally I knew exactly where I wanted to start, Mike Hampton. I believe we first met four years ago at SDCC. After checking out his Hot Zombie Chicks comics and seeing his ability to draw con-goers on the spot, I knew I needed him to create something special for me. The piece was an American Gothic zombie portrait of my then fiance and myself. It was featured on our wedding programs for our Halloween wedding, and let me say it i…