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Arrow and WB didn't hold back at SDCC 14

After several years of attending San Diego Comic Con, our expectations have been raised. This year Arrow and Warner Bros met and then exceeded anything we may have thought we were going to see. 

I have to admit that I did not attend the original Arrow panel. I had my mind set on attending their Saturday night party. Plus I was dead-set that I was meeting the cast. That was one of my two SDCC priorities (the other was experience an Oculus Rift). With this in mind, we camped out from 8:30 pm till the general admission line let us scurry to the WB autograph line.

We were all in line and ready to pick winners. However, the sad truth of this WB Autograph line is: luck rules. I slept out the previous night and pulled a loser. I was literally the only person in our group that pulled nothing. Hey fair is fair. Moral of the story, it may break your heart. Thankfully I was a winner for Arrow, because a loud "Cooooon!" would have rang though the Sails Pavillion. 

Anxious and excited for t…