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Monster-Mania 28 Hannibal Q & A with Mads Mikkelsen and Katharine Isabelle - Part 1

Fannibals, I would advise you to take any opportunity you have to meet Mads Mikkelsen in person. Planes, trains and automobiles or even hoof it there. I promise you will be delighted by his calm and sweet demeanor.
At Monster-Mania 28, Mads was so gracious and open with each and every fan. I brought my younger cousins who couldn't even speak after stepping up to meet Hannibal. He quickly realized the girls were beyond nervous and he brought them in and was very gentle with them. 

Let me get to the Q&A session. (Quick Note: Monster-Mania Con really does Q&A correctly. Letting fans interact with their favorite actors and allotting a generous amount of time for the crowd to participate) Immediately, it was clear Mads enjoys his role in Hannibal and was eager to feed his Fannibals all the answers they craved. Please enjoy the first part of what is our closest transcription of the Mads & Katharine Q&A. 
Q to Mads: Are your eyes watering in the kitchen in the Series 2 Serie…