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Monster-Mania 28 Hannibal Q & A with Mads Mikkelsen and Katharine Isabelle - Part 2

Next we were treated to this Hannibal fan who stood up and said "Mads, this is for you" Q: What is going on with incorporating Buffalo Bill in the mini-series? Can you comment?A: He'll be in a sandwich one day.  I don't know, Brian is working on all the rights. So we will see if we can get the name in there, but I really want to see you on my tableQ: and one more question... Would You F me? Laughter eruptsA: American people are always ramping it up. The answer is Yes.Q: Did you take cooking lessons?A: I did take cooking lessons with a wonderful woman. She's Japanese, she's the one preparing all the food. She's fantastic. She is supervising and preparing all the food. She was the first person I met and she's a little like Buffalo Bill in the sense that's she is fantastic and enigmatic. I went into her house, and there was chicken bones hanging and drums and she was about to teach me how to cook. (Laughs) Then she taught me how to hold a knife proper…