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Thanksgiving Is Coming! Watch out for the Super Sprowtz

Sometimes your at a convention and you realize you wanna chill somewhere and check out something new. Flashback to NYCC, when we rolled the dice and took our seat at the Super Sprowtz panel (for kids). Our gamble payed off in endless smiles and laughter as Roger, the star of the YouTube show, tailored his presentation for the all adult crowd. His unique mix of silly freestyle rapping and ability to engage the crowd was literally moving (since we actually did squeeze in a little exercise).

On Sunday we brought Con Sweet Con's token child to join in the fun. It surely was a hit. Don't take it from me though, check out the pics. Smiles on all the faces. This is why you should check out their site,, It features recipes, videos and interactive features you and the kids can enjoy right now.

Also don't forget you can subscribe to their YouTube channel especially if you have wee ones.