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RunDisney Avengers Inaugural Run

We decided our first half marathon should be RunDisneys first ever Avengers run. The spots sold quickly, which  admittedly added to our concerns about our own abilities to complete the run. Maybe we should have thought about that first, but we are positive people. Jump first, fall later. 

The time seemed to fly. Personally, I attempted to train for weeks at a time. Each time, I went through terrible asthma and several other health issues. It seemed grim, but I knew I'd do my best. Next thing I know, were on a flight headed to Cali.
The first event for us was the opening of the health expo. Before we even lined up, we registered for online spots for the RunDisney New Balance sneakers. Once again this was our first race, so we had no clue what to expect. Thankfully, we got there early because the place was packed. People really wanted merch and we were advised to get in that line first. 

The "Sorry boys gotta run!" Shirt was super popular, although word on the street that mos…