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Our Top Ten Gifts For San Diego Comic Con 2015 Badge Holders

Here is our top 10 items any SDCC badge holder will appreciate under the Christmas tree.1. SDCC Survival guide. It's very helpful and necessary for anyone attending Or if they are old school SDCC experts or newbies, the ConQuest Journal is pretty fresh This protects and organizes your new "preciouses"2. An inflatable mat or sleeping bag, for those hardcore line sleepers. Maybe they won't buy a nice inflatable mat for themselves, but you don't want them sleeping on the hard ground now do you? Or find a vintage sleeping bag like TMNT which would be awesome and cheap at a Goldwill type store. Or go all out at any sporting goods store.3. Socks- Either athletic style or Superhero socks with capes. They pretty much make a sock for any fandom. Plus if they want they can tuck these in their suitcase for next year. Less prep!4. A little SDCC emergency kit- body wipes for when a shower is few hours away, shout wipes…