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Finally Graduating and Doing It Doctor Who Style

It is almost here! Next Saturday I graduate with my Bachelors and I have perma-smile already. If you haven't noticed yet, I have to stamp a little of myself on most things I do. You didn't think I'd skip decorating my graduation cap, did you? So here it is! Doctor Who to match my upcoming party. Allons-y in honor of Tennants reign, which translates to Let's Go (very fitting for the event too)

Armed with bags of every color glitter ever and glue (both from the dollar store) I free-handed an exploding tardis style design. The Van Gogh episode is one of my favorites. I have lots of feels with that episode. Anywho (get it) I used a blue glitter ribbon for the Tardis to help it stand out. I hope this helps inspire other fans ;)