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Royal Caribbean Quantum Dynamic Dining - Food Pictures

Since Royal Caribbeans Quantum of the Seas makes you pick your dining options in advance ( ok they say you do not have to, we watched that madness. Make reservations) How about some real life pictures so you know what your working with ahead of time.
Devinely decadence (breakfast)- 

American Icon Lunch- 
Salad Bar (they chop for you) 

Since it took a bit for the apps, the long line was worth it.
Buffalo Mac and Cheese- one piece chicken. Super dry.

Steak burger- OK, nothing to write home about

Shrimp po boy- more ok ness.

Chic for dinner-
Smoked mozzerella ravioli and shrimp- bland

Tomato onion salad- soggy lettuce no flavor

Pasta Primavera - frozen veggies, olive oil no seasoning

Sea bass was the hit- big portion, good flavors.

Chocolate ice cream and spicy carrot cake ( my highlight )

Jamie Oliver's - amazing worth every extra penny. We went for lunch which was only $15 a person! Omg look how yummy looking. Sad we have pay or go to the buffet for anything amazing so far.