Drown Your SDCC Sorrows In Dragoncon Tickets

First, I wholeheartedly wish everyone that wanted to attend San Diego Comiccon could. However that's not the reality we're working with. I have heard many people compare Wondercon and tried it myself last year. It was cool and if you live close, don't miss it! This however is for the hardcore travelling people who make SDCC their vacation of the year. If you find yourselves without badges this year, I suggest you consider Dragoncon. 

The main hotels are sold out already (Boo). I suggest you follow Dragoncon and all the hotels on Twitter and if they release any hotels that people don't pay for right before the event. scoop those  up. Why? Because Dragoncon is a huge nerd party. Nothing like SDCC. So the main hotels are main parties. But there are buses to get you around from other hotels too. Let's get into it.

Cosplay: it's serious at Dragoncon. It's fun. It includes everyone and even has classes and opportunities for every level to expand their Cosplay knowledge. There is a parade which crowds the streets and is just full of good vibes. 

Party: if you like to drink, you'll never be alone drinking! The nightlife kills SDCC as far as FREE, included in actual programming, and something for everyone. No worries of VIP lists! There are nerd burlesque, puppet wrestling, plenty of nerd bands, etc. 

Tracks: if you have an open mind and like to learn, then Dragoncon will leave you with something new. From puppetry, robotics, Cosplay, etc, you will walk in a room and find people all interested in the same things. We even did Belly Dancing.

Artists and vendors- You will actually get to enjoy both the uniqueness of the artists and vendors at Dragoncon. Less industry, more creative pieces that will blow your friends away when you bring them home.

Complaining about SDCC- well you prob have bad feels about not scoring badges today. I can assure you the Dragoncon crowd will welcome your complaints and chime in with their own. 

Look I could rave about Dragoncon all night. It's just one geeks opinion but I really hope to join you at Dragoncon if you do decide to go


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