HBO's GOTopoly at San Diego Comic Con

Sometimes you win some, sometimes you lose some... with GOTopoly it doesn't really matter because it's a beautiful game based on an amazing franchise.

We won SDCC by being picked on Twitter to participate in the GOTopoly party! The tables were decked out with two boards setup at each round table. We were given instructions to play a quick version of the game and given the go ahead to begin our war of lands. 

Our group was dead set to be super ruthless and not sell anything to anyone! I mean it's Game of Thrones. Then we decided whatever let's just make some super shady deals in true GOT fashion. 

HBO and USAopoly made the entire night a blast! They USAopoly people came around helping to make the game play more dynamic. While HBO had fun prizes for everyone, I won a GOT map mousepad/screencleaner.

Then just to top the night off, Davos (Liam Cunningham) showed up to say Hi! I had to tell him how I thought Stannis did the right thing burning his poor daughter up. (it's true no tears here - magic works) He told me I was a "Cold Lady" Mawahaha if he only knew!

Back to the game, I didn't win. I think Davos put some kinda jynx on me so it wasn't my fault! Our winners were Fred and Matt. They each got to take home the full versions of GOTopoly! Totally awesome. 

OH we also got to check out Game of Thrones RISK!!! So awesome. 

Thank you USAopoly and HBO for a fun-filled fan loving night for Game of Thrones. Thank you Liam Cunningham for stopping in to say hi! Thank you to everyone who was involved. 

There I am, second from the left


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