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Recovery Tips For A Better San Diego Comic Con Experience

RunDisney started our newest obsession with running. This new hobby has also provided us with new tools to deal with some of the physical side effects of SDCC stress. We are not affiliated with these products and advise you consult a physician (not meant to replace professional medical advice)

Hydration: nuun all day or active. Why people love these, EASY TRAVEL! They are tablets you can add to any water. Made for bikers on the go, super handy for a convention where even food lines are super long. Grab an empty bottle and the water fountain. These can't hurt for helping with recovering from those open bars either. I've tried seems to help!

nuun all day - suggested for those in panels. you want to stay healthy - nuun all day has vitamins + minerals
by adding flavor and electrolytes to water, you trigger the body's natural reaction to drink more by up to 90%nuun active or energy- suggested for those rockin the floor and outside events. you sweat - nuun active replenishes. energ…