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Talk Nerdy To ANYONE at SDCC

If we ever meet, you'll probably realize my superhero power is most likely related to being outgoing and people oriented. I'd like to share some possible talking points for nerds that may have different interests than you.
Maybe they are wearing a shirt, reading a comic or standing in line for the panel, no matter the clue SDCC gives you a great opportunity to meet people based on their interests.
Batman or Superman-
It's going to be everywhere. So if it's not your cup o character, here's some ideas to approach a fan.
Since the popular theme is versus, let's stick with it. 
Who would you rather- 
Share an apartment with in a Perfect Strangers television situation spinoff? 
Go on a cross country road trip in your car?
Make all of your decisions for a month?

Squirrel Girl- 
If you could talk to a species of animal, what would it be? They have to be your friends and follow you around too 😊
Does it play down the villians powers or evil? 
Could she be a hero for an anti bully …