The Good, The Bad and The Skinny of The Westworld Experience at SDCC 2017 - Getting In or NOT

The Good, The Bad and The Skinny of The Westworld Experience at SDCC 2017 - Getting In or NOT

We all heard it. The Westworld Experience is the best experience at SDCC. It started flying around on Twitter after press received access on Wednesday night. Let me lay out what exactly went down.

The Westworld Experience claimed there was to be no line formed before 9 am. Yet it opened for reservations at 9:30 am. It was also a VERY LIMITED event. Word on the block 75-100 people a day. At SDCC what would this equal? Someone being hurt or trampled. Also note, the Hilton was telling people that called if they wanted to reserve an UBER expense room, they could feel free to wait as guests of the hotel. **This was not a Hilton Exclusive Event**

Personal experience, I have lost a shoe in a mob just trying to obtain a swag bag! Mind you we all pretty much look like we are Sherpas out for a month long expedition by the size of our poster rolls and back packs. HBO wanted a swarm of people that were lurking as close as they could get to lunge towards each other with one purpose? Thanks HBO.

Here is what ended up happening. I was there at 4 am when the night crew left their shift at the Hilton. The new shift decided the line had to be disassembled. I stepped up and spoke to hotel management. They agreed we could form an informal line and look like people hanging out, without sitting or sleeping or talking. YAY! For 5 more hours...

The crew that was waiting left panic mode and began our "hanging out". We felt better knowing that no one would get hurt. However this still did not mean HBO would honor the formed line. 5 hours we wondered and waited. We could have been turned away, broken up and told sorry we said no waiting. Thankfully that did not happen and we were granted reservations.

From Thursday, what I witnessed on Twitter was a slow decent of the line forming earlier and earlier per the norm of SDCC. I am not sure if they had to fight for the right to line or not. What is most disappointing is that HBO never provided ADA considerations. NONE. So if you are not capable of waiting out in a line for 10-18 hours STANDING, forgetaboutit. Or even if their no line situation worked, I hope you can RUN without falling. HBO we all pay too much for your services for you to disregard our friends and family.


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