The Good, The Bad and The Skinny Of The Westworld Experience at SDCC 2017 - What Did You Miss?

The Good, The Bad and The Skinny Of The Westworld Experience at SDCC 2017 - What Did You Miss?

Here is @Stardust1006 with her recollection of the Westworld Experience:

It played out like the show. A Host greeted you at the front desk with the full screen video scenery behind.

The waiting area with the display of weapons and another host asking what you would choose.

John. All the host actors were perfectly eerie and gave off I'm not quite human vibes

Then you were taken down a hall with all the doors labeled like the show and creepy host head molds on the wall.

Directory after you leave the lounge

Everything was dimly lit from start to finish

Then you went into your interview room. It looked just like the show. Your interviewer host sat really close made a lot of eye contact. Consulted her reader after each question. It was like being in therapy. Then she rattles off as an eerily accurate character assessment and chose the black hat for me. Told me to look in the mirror and see my real self.

My interview host. Again a very dimly lit room

Lights blink briefly and you see it's a two way mirror and you are being observed. Then you are led out to the hall. Watch another video that has glitches. Then the host glitches also while watching and then after she repeats herself like she's resetting. Then you walk into the saloon.

Outside of Saloon with Sawdust on Floor

Then they served drinks at the saloon with each one explained.

Hand cut Ice for Whiskey

The saloon girl was a chatty and after our drinks tells a story about the dead piano player. In total the experience was about 15-20 minutes.

The Black Hat received at the Experience.

@Stardust1006 rockin her hat

Big thank you to @Stardust1006 for her walk-though! Make sure to follow her on Twitter.


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