The Good, The Bad and The Skinny Of The Westworld Experience at SDCC 2017 - What Was Your Take?

The Good, The Bad and The Skinny Of The Westworld Experience at SDCC 2017 - What Was Your Take?

Here is my takeaways.

I missed my time slot due to a press room. I vomited in hand running to get there. Pretty sure everyone eating at those outdoor establishments thought I was drunk. Nope, asthma and heat = vomiting due to overexertion. 

I couldn't get a taxi or uber in time like I had planned. So hoofing it was my only way there. This experience was top on my list. I had no clue it was so limited. I have years of visiting the Game Of Thrones experience without drama. The only time that was offered to me, was unfortunately dangerously close to my press room. However, I promised I would attend to press room. So in with tears and vom in hand, 15 minutes late (and my party onsite explaining what occurred) I could not attend. 

Little did I know there were standby tickets. They swore they told us. Yet our reservations were made in less than 2 minutes, name, how many people, here is the time we have left. Best of it, the stand by person was PRESS.

I even asked if I could just have my hat. I did negotiate a line after all and stand for hours as silent as we could manage. NOPE. I was crushed. I was so stressed by the line experience that day. Then add SDCC stress. This was my light for the day.

Looking back, I should have asked for a different time. I'm the type of person that hears, this is all we got, I take it. Also ever get a funko ticket with a time??? Yeah that's laughable. I wasn't sure how this worked. I just knew I was gonna do what I promised and anything I needed to make it there.

Yes, I realize it was my fault. However, there were flaws with this system from the start. Oh well, I may be one of the few with those sweet Westworld Business cards they handed out, you needed to trade to get in. 

Why wasn't this a lottery? Even an online contest. I had no clue it was so limited till I was in line. An online contest could allow EVERYONE a fair chance, including ADA access. Plus it is safe. 

Also you add the Hilton telling people to buy $700 rooms so they can wait in the lobby? That is hella shady. Can someone please explain what HBO was thinking with NO LINE rule? What about your experience in line Friday or Saturday? Also why were Sunday tickets handed out Saturday? After reading about the experience, would you have waited if you didnt get to go? Or if you went, did you love it in comparison to the GOT experience?

There it is. Our take on what happened at The Westworld Experience at SDCC 2017. 


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